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Mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung!
Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frankfurter Konferenzdolmetscher, Ihr kompetenter Ansprechpartner in Frankfurt, berät Sie gerne.


Agriculture, Advertising, Automobiles, Airlines. Banking, Batteries, Building and construction. Chemical industry, Computers, Consulting, Customs. Dentistry, Drugs. Ecology, Education, Electronics, Energy, European Union, European Works Councils. Film, Fisheries, Food technology, Forestry, Finance. Gastronomy, Genetic engineering, Geology. Haematology, History of art, Horse-breeding, Hydrology. Information technology, Insurance, International organisations. Journalism, Jurisprudence. Kinetics, Kinematics. Law, Local government, Life sciences. Management, Marketing, Mechanical engineering, Medicine. Narcotics, Networks, Nuclear power stations, Neurology. Ophthalmology, Operations research, Orthopaedics. Patents, Politics, PR, Press. Quality assurance. Radio, Railways, Recycling, Religion. Semi-conductors, Sewage treatment, Stock exchange. Telecommunications, Television, Textiles, Trade unions. Urban renewal, Urology. Veterinary medicine, Virology, Viticulture. Waste management, Water supply, Weaponry. Xylography. Youth. Zoology.


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